Africa Water Justice Network Condemns Apartheid Israeli Government’s Irony in Showcasing Water Governance in Africa


Issued 11 July 2023 for Immediate Release

Accra, Ghana – The Africa Water Justice Network, a Pan-African water justice group, vehemently condemns the seminar held on 10th July by the City of Tshwane in collaboration with representatives of the apartheid Israeli government, showcasing alleged “international best practices” in water governance. We are deeply concerned about the irony of the apartheid Israeli government attempting to present itself as a model for water governance, while simultaneously perpetuating human rights violations and exposing their intentions to pursue water privatization in Africa for profit at the expense of low-income communities who cannot afford market rates for water.

The apartheid Israeli government’s involvement in this seminar is an affront to justice and human rights. The ongoing occupation, colonization, and apartheid policies against the Palestinian people have been widely documented and condemned by the international community. It is morally unjustifiable for the Israeli government, complicit in grave human rights abuses, to showcase itself as an exemplar in water governance.

Equally alarming is the intention of Israeli companies to pursue water privatization in Africa for profit. Water is a basic human right, and its availability and affordability should never be subject to profit-driven motives. The pursuit of water privatization by Israeli companies poses a severe threat to low-income communities who already struggle to meet their basic needs. Experience from around the world has shown that water privatization often leads to exorbitant prices, reduced access, and limited accountability for companies, disproportionately affecting marginalized communities.

AWJN strongly urges the City of Tshwane and all participants of the seminar to recognize the hypocrisy and implications of endorsing an apartheid regime’s water governance practices. We call on the City of Tshwane to reassess its partnership with the Israeli government and to prioritize partnerships that align with principles of justice, human rights, and equality.

Additionally, we call upon African governments and the international community to reject the false narrative of Israeli good water governance and to resist any attempts by Israeli companies to pursue water privatization in Africa. It is essential to prioritize community-led initiatives, public ownership, and equitable distribution of water resources to ensure universal access, particularly for marginalized communities.

The Africa Water Justice Network will continue to advocate for water justice, human rights, and the well-being of marginalized communities. We stand in solidarity with those affected by oppressive policies and practices and call upon civil society organizations, grassroots movements, and concerned individuals to join us in opposing these exploitative practices and demanding a just and equitable approach to water management.

About AWJN:

AWJN is a pan Africa water justice group dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of people and communities in Africa to safe potable water. Through advocacy, and grassroots mobilization, we strive to create positive change and foster a more just and equitable society.

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