Empowering Communities: Water Justice Activists’ Impact at the All Africa Conference of Churches General Assembly

The Christian Ecumenical Center in Abuja, Nigeria, witnessed a convergence of minds and hearts from the 20th to the 23rd of November 2023 during the All Africa Conference of Churches General Assembly. On the sides of this significant gathering was a commitment to a cause that transcends borders and faiths – water justice.

The Ecumenical Water Justice Network played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse at the conference. Side by side with the official proceedings, the network organized an exhibition showcasing materials on water justice and a meeting delving into the crucial role of the church in ensuring water justice.

Bishop Arnold Temple, the esteemed President of the All Africa Conference of Churches, emphasized the global significance of efforts aimed at guaranteeing universal access to safe drinking water. He announced the commitment of the All Africa Conference of Churches to mainstream water justice issues into its agenda for the coming year.

Rev. Fadahunsi Kolade, the Coordinator of the Ecumenical Water Justice Network, Africa, pledged to forge connections between member churches and water justice organizations and movements through the Africa Water Justice Network in their respective countries. This strategic move aims to amplify the network’s impact and foster collaborative efforts toward achieving water justice on a broader scale.

A notable outcome of the conference was the enthusiastic interest expressed by several church leaders in the Blue Community information materials. Eager to contribute to the Blue Community project, these leaders signified their commitment to promoting sustainable water practices within their congregations and communities.

Rev. Fadahunsi Kolade expressed his gratitude to key partners, including the Africa Water Justice Network, CAPPA and the Blue Planet Project. Their unwavering support played a pivotal role in placing Water Justice at the forefront of the ecumenical conference’s agenda.

As the conference concluded, the signs of commitment to water justice was very clear, setting the stage for a year of concerted efforts and collaborative action. The Africa Water Justice Network remains steadfast in its dedication to transforming the narrative surrounding water access, believing that through unity and advocacy, a future where every individual has access to clean, safe water is not only possible but inevitable.

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