Voices of Water Justice Project in Ekiti State: A Call for Clean and Accessible Water

Ekiti State, Nigeria – August 2023 – In a call for clean and accessible water, the Ecumenical Water Network – Africa (EWNA) is spearheading the “Voices of Water Justice Project” in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Supported by the Blue Planet Project and the Africa Water Justice Network, this initiative seeks to address the pressing issue of empty and non-functional water reservoirs, the lack of water for many households, and the increasing reliance on groundwater and boreholes through individual efforts.

The project’s convener, Very Reverend Kolade Fadahunsi, speaking at community engagement events in Ifaki and Aramoko Ekiti communities, emphasized the critical role that water plays in the lives of the people, asserting that it is a constitutional duty for the government at all levels to provide potable, clean, and safe water for citizens across the country. The events held on 31st August 2023 brought together concerned citizens, community leaders, and advocates for water justice.

“Water is a fundamental human right, and it is the responsibility of the government to ensure its availability to all citizens,” stated Very Reverend Fadahunsi. He stressed that the government must allocate funding and take action to repair and revitalize the dilapidating and empty reservoirs across Ekiti State, which should serve as a primary channel for water provision to the people.

During the gathering in Ifaki-Ekiti, Very Reverend Fadahunsi urged residents to actively engage with their lawmakers, both at the National and state levels, and prioritize the restoration and functionality of these reservoirs. This approach, he argued, is more sustainable and equitable compared to the ad-hoc drilling of boreholes, which often serve only a limited number of people scattered across various localities.

The “Voices of Water Justice Project” comes as a response to the growing concerns of the Ekiti State community, where many households are grappling with a scarcity of clean water. Groundwater and boreholes have become a primary source of water for these households, underscoring the urgent need for collective action and state investment.

The project is not merely a call for change but also a platform to raise awareness and inspire positive action. Its proponents are committed to advocating for the government to fulfill its constitutional role in providing clean and accessible water, ultimately improving the quality of life for countless citizens in Ekiti State.

As the “Voices of Water Justice Project” gains momentum, it sends a clear message to government officials at all levels that the people of Ekiti State demand a solution to the water crisis. Through collective efforts and advocacy, the initiative aims to restore water access and justice for all, reinforcing the principle that water is a fundamental right.

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